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Avatar 2 Box Office Collection: Day 1 to Day 9

During its second weekend on Indian screens, Avatar 2 returned to form at the box office after a highly successful start.
The Way of Water, or Avatar 2, was released on 16 December 2022.
The total budget for the movie was
$350 to $400 Million.
The Avatar 2 worldwide collection for the first weekend was 600 million dollars.
500 Million Dollars already crossed the line in Avatar 2's second weekend worldwide collection.
In India, here is a daily review of Avatar 2's box office performance 👉
A total of almost 40.3 crores was collected on Day 1 (First Friday).
As a result of the 5.46% change on Day 2 (First Saturday), the collection reached 42.50 crores.
The total earnings on day 3 (First Sunday) were 46 crore, reflecting a change of 8.24%.
The fourth day's earnings of 18.6 Cr changed -59.57% on the first Monday.
Day 5 [1st Tuesday] total earnings were 16.65 crores, down -10.48% from the previous day.
Total earnings on Day 6 (1st Wednesday) were 15.25 crores, which is an -8.4% change from the previous day.
The total earnings for Day 7 (1st Thursday) were 13.8 crore.
A total of 12.85 crores has been earned as of Day 8 (2nd Friday).
On the second Saturday, day 9, the total earnings ranged from 18-20 crores.