Top 5 Courses After 12 For Science Students [High Paying]

After completing their 12th grade, a lot of students start wondering what to do next. Students who have achieved excellent marks but do not know what to do after 12th are offered the following top courses and career options after 12th, besides becoming an engineer and an MBBS doctor.

Courses After 12 For Science
Courses After 12 For Science Students

1. Becoming A Scientist

A career in this field is just right for you if you are enthusiastic and curious about one of the branches of science and you are willing to gain deeper insight into that particular field. 

In order to be a scientist, you first need to get a bachelor's degree from any recognised university. Then, you need to complete your master's degree in a specific field of specialisation. 

In the same area of specialization, you must then pursue a PhD. As a scientist, you can now work for a variety of institutions or organizations. The average salary of a scientist in India is about 40k per month.

2. Paramedical

Those who are interested in medical sciences and want to help medical professionals may find that paramedical is their dream field. 

A variety of courses that interest you are offered by a variety of institutions and universities throughout the country in this field. You can start pursuing your own of course in paramedical after 10th or 12th. 

There are quite a few options for diploma, graduation, postgraduate and certificate courses. Some popular undergraduate level paramedical courses are listed below

  • BPT
  • BMLT
  • BSc-CCT
  • BSc-OTT
  • BSc-PT
  • BSc-PA
  • BHA

3. Pharmacy 

Currently, this is one of the most popular and promising job opportunities in India. Here are two distinct courses in the field of pharmacy

Bachelor of pharmacy (B Pharm)

Normally, students complete the program in 4 years. They need to complete their 12th grade with 50% or above in physics, chemistry, and biology. You will then need to appear in an entrance exam for the college where you intend to pursue your PharmD.

WBJEE - (West Bengal Join Entrance Exam), BHUUTE - (Banaras Hindu University Undergraduate Entrance Exam), MHTECT - (Maharashtra B.Pharma Common Entrance Test) are some of the popular exams thought which you get college/University

Diploma in pharmacy (D Pharm)

The course duration is 2 years. Physics, chemistry, and biology/math are compulsory in 12th grade. Further, you must score at least 40% on the class 12th board exam.m. Afterward, you have to appear in GPAT ( Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test).

4.BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine, and Surgery)

Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical practices that originated in Vedic times. Currently, it is used as an alternative method of medicine worldwide and every year its popularity increases. 

This field has tremendous potential in the near future. Basically, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine, and Surgery, also known as BAMS, is a 5 year duration course including 1 year of internship. 

Throughout the course modern medicine is also taught along with ayurvedic medicine.Completing your 12th standard with physics,chemistry and biology makes the candidate eligible to appear in the entrance exam named NEET.

Noted: the aspirant must have 50% or the above in the 12th board result.

Then according to your score card you will be allocated an institution or a university which offers the course. The average salary of a BAMS doctor in India is around 4 lakhs per annum.

5.BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)

We all know that our teeth are one of the most important parts of our face. Dentists help us keep our teeth healthy and white. If you want to make other people smile and earn good money.

Becoming a dentist is one of the best careers that you can choose after 12th. If you want to become a dentist you have to complete your 12th standard with physics, chemistry, and biology and then you can take the NEET entrance exam.

Note: the candidate must have a 50% or higher grade in the 12th board). The average salary of a dentist is about 30k per month.

Final Words on "Top 5 Courses After 12 For Science Student" 

Now I am sure you have got an idea and you might have found your dream course. Even though this is a list of only 5 science courses that are highly recommended after 12. 

There are also many different choices available. You can check out all those courses too. 

You have to note that courses do not determine your salary. To get paid higher, you need to master your course so that you get paid higher. 

Not only in these professions, but also in others, everything relies on capability and experience. Let me know your thoughts about the "Top 5 Courses After 12 For Science Students." Let's discuss it. 

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