Dark Circles: Causes & Treatment with Home Remedies [Detailed Guide]

Dark Circles- In spite of the fact that Dark Circles are just a two word name, they can destroy your entire facial appearance. There has been an increase in the number of people experiencing dark circles under their eyes in recent years.

Dark Circles: Causes, Treatment with Home Remedies
Dark Circles: Causes, Treatment with Home Remedies 

As part of this article, we will discuss some factors that contribute to dark circles. In this post, we will discuss the following points:

What Are Dark Circles?

Dark circles under the eyes can be extremely difficult to remove completely once they have formed.

First and foremost, we should keep in mind that dark circles under your eyes are not the only problem.

It is common for people to think that they have only dark circles under their eyes when there are in fact three things that occur under the eyes. Here is a more detailed explanation of what those things are.

1. Natural Facial  Structure.

There are different kinds of natural eye structures, and because of that structure, some people's eyes naturally appear sunken. 
Under your eyes.

The blood vessels under the eyes are enlarged, causing eye bags, and the blood vessels below the eyes appear as shadows, which are incorrectly interpreted as dark circles.

2. Undereyes Thinning 

When the skin of the undereyes is extremely thin, we refer to it as undereye thinness.

There are some individuals who have extremely thin skin around their eyes, which appears to encompass the entire periorbital veins and veins of their eyes.

Because of these green or blue periorbital veins, we feel that we have dark circles, but in truth, they are not dark circles at all.

3. The actual dark circles.

You have dark circles under your eyes that were not present before, however, in actuality, hyperpigmentation has formed.

I have listed three reasons related to each other.

Nevertheless, many people believe they only have dark circles and that some sort of cream would be their only option for removing them.

We have now gained a better understanding of the concept of three terms.

Now let's discuss the actual dark circles, which are pigmentation that has developed under and around your eyes.

What Causes Dark Circles?

1. Hereditary factors
This problem of heredity cannot be solved.

The first thing that you will notice about a little child or a baby is they have a little discoloration under their eyes, which means that their face, their cheeks, and even their neck are different color, but under their eyes, there is a little difference. 

In the case of heredity, there is no possible solution. However, you can do a little makeup, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and do a little exercise.

There are a number of things you can do to take care of that area. The skin can be moisturized, but there is no way to change the heredity.

2. Scratching your eyes constantly.

As a result, some people have an extremely bad habit of rubbing and scratching their eyes, which causes it to get scratched, itch, and become extremely dry. As a result, the skin becomes darker.

3. Not wearing eyeglasses.

When you adjust your eyesight, you use the muscles on either side of your eyes to reduce or maximize the size.

As the muscle becomes tired, it becomes black and if it becomes too tired, it appears dark.

4. Allergic reactions

The above is one of the most significant reasons, but still some people avoid it and nobody gives it much attention.

Things for which we have allergies, such as if you get a fever, cold, or cough, your eyes itch, and if you get a fever or cold, your eyes become cloudy.

Hence, people who suffer from runny noses, colds, dust allergies or have perfume allergies, agarbatti allergies, or any other allergy, suffer from nose and body symptoms. This causes your under eyes to become dark as a result.

5. Exposure to the sun 

There are several reasons that can cause dark circles, but this is the most significant. Among the skin of the body, the eye skin is the thinnest. 

The ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause blackness under your eyes when you travel or are exposed to extreme sun.

6. Living style.

1. The main reason why hyperpigmentation occurs is that it is a result of an unhealthy lifestyle.

It has been researched that people who do not sleep enough are more likely to have dark circles because their eyes become extremely tired.

Secondly, people who spend the majority of their working hours in front of a computer and view the screen continuously from which we receive blue rays develop lifestyle diseases.

2. Smoking and drinking are also factors contributing to an unhealthy lifestyle.

  • Smoking; There is no doctor in the world who can help you remove your dark circles or save your life if you smoke or consume tobacco products.
  • Consume alcohol; If you consume alcohol, you will definitely get dark circles under your eyes.

As a result, you should not smoke or drink alcohol because there is no way to get rid of the problem.

7. Unbalanced hormonal function

If your body suffers from an imbalance or becomes unbalanced internally, it suddenly reflects around your eyes and your eye skin becomes black.

8. Deficiency of iron

Again, if you do not have sufficient iron in your body, you will experience blackened skin around your eyes. 

9. The disease Acanthosis nigricans 

A dark velvety patch appears in body folds around your mouth, legs, hands, neck, under your eyes and underarms due to this skin disorder.

It is important to see your physician immediately if you suffer from this type of skin disease so that you can receive the appropriate treatment.
  • Here we discussed the possible causes of dark circles and why you should pay attention to them.

Treatment Of Dark Circles or Solutions 

In this case, it would be difficult to obtain an off-the-shelf remedy and treatment, which may explain why 100% of our dark circles would not become as fair as our cheeks and forehead are. You will find many magazines, creams, and YouTubers that will attempt to educate you on this topic.

However, only 50-70% of the dark circles can be controlled, while 100% of the skin cannot become fair. Please take note of this. 

  • Now let us move forward to the solution.

1. It is important to keep your eyes moist. For this reason, prior to going to sleep, take any moisturizer that you want to use and apply it to the under eye area and upper eye area. 

As an alternative to moisturizer, you can use almond oil or if almond oil is not available, coconut oil can be used to hydrate the skin. Let your eyes drink the water and do not rub them to prevent them from becoming dry.

2. If you have a breathing problem or allergies, you should seek medical treatment, whether it is homeopathy, allopathy, or Ayurveda.  

Soon, you will notice that the skin around your eyes, which was previously black, has begun to improve.

3. Keep in mind that if you have glasses, then you should use them regularly. By wearing good glasses regularly, you will notice a noticeable improvement in the skin under your eyes.

4. When you go outside, be sure not to forget to wear a good pair of sunglasses that will completely shield your eyes from ultraviolet rays and provide you with complete eye protection.

Depending on your preference, you may wear black or brown sunglasses. If possible, use sunglasses of a good brand which provide protection from ultraviolet rays. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

5. Ensure that you apply sunscreen to your eyes as well. This is the most significant point to note.

Don't forget to apply sunscreen all over your face, including your eyes. It is imperative to wear sunscreen.

6. Another point to consider is that if your body is internally healthy and hydrated, and when it gets enough water in its system, then your skin always remains beautiful and youthful.

Darkness or dryness will never come to you. That is why it is important to drink adequate amounts of water. You should drink as much water as you can, and you should also consume fruit which has water in it.

You can consume fruits such as oranges, watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes, coconut water, muskmelon, apples, pineapples, papaya, and strawberries.

The consumption of tea and coffee should be avoided. I know many people enjoy tea and coffee, but those who consume more tea and coffee will experience negative health consequences

As a result, they have more darkness under their eyes. You should avoid this and you will begin to notice that the darkness under your eyes is gradually diminishing.

Creams for Dark Circles 

Let us now discuss some skin lightning creams that might help you reduce your dark circles. If your cream has ingredients like azelic acid, kojic acid, glycolic acid, retinol, vitamin k, vitamin c, or hydroquinone, then it will work otherwise not.

  • The application of under eye cream: It is recommended that you apply this cream twice daily, preferably in the morning and before you go to bed at night.

How long should these creams be applied under the eyes?

  • You should apply these creams for six to eight months, after which you will notice a difference.

Be careful, not to choose eye creams from unknown and different brands as they may mislead you. This would have adverse effects on your eyes in the future.

It is recommended that you seek advice from a dermatologist or skin specialist before using the cream.

Plasma Therapy 

Through the injection, the doctor takes some plasma from your body, the important thing is that they draw a little blood, not much blood. You will then be given plasma from your body, which will be injected under your eyes.

Therefore, this type of therapy is also referred to as a vampire facial.

The cost of this procedure is high because it is performed under the supervision of a physician, but you are guaranteed the best results for yourself.

Chemical Peels 

This peel can be given by any dermatologist or skin specialist.

Peels are mild, and you need six to eight sessions of them. Upon application around the eyes, it will become dry and can be easily washed off, this occurs under the supervision of the doctor, who will determine the appropriate timing for the procedure. 

It is similar to using bleach; you are required to wash it off. In the course of a few sessions, you will begin to see the results of this chemical peel.

In terms of bridal skincare, chemical peels are included in the treatment, where brides who are getting married undergo chemical peels for themselves and receive positive results.

Use Of Home Remedies For Dark Circles

Our comfort lies in home remedies and we prefer to use natural raw materials, so here are some remedies that you can use for yourself.

  • Do not put soda, lemon, or toothpaste under your eyes. Do not be swayed by any youtube videos that suggest using these ingredients. Doing this can result in extreme dryness and increased darkness.

Let us now discuss some home remedies.

1. The use of raw milk.

It is recommended that you take raw milk that is cold, dip cotton in it and apply that raw milk gently to the area surrounding your eyes. No other cleanser is as nourishing for your skin as milk.

You may feel the stickiness of the milk on your skin, but this is something you are doing for your skin and you will see the best results if you believe in it.

Once dry, simply wash your face and apply a gentle moisturiser or your eye cream which is intended to hydrate your eyes.

2. A mixture of yogurt and honey.
  • Take plain yogurt and honey and mix them together. 
  • In order to lighten the skin, honey is used. 
  • Mix both ingredients properly and apply it to your undereye area and upper eyelid area.
  • Let it sit for 10-20 minutes and then wash it off.
  • Use a moisturizer after washing your face.

3. A mixture of honey and rose water.
  • Mix rose water with honey and apply it under your eyes. 
  • You can keep it overnight and sleep on it. 
  • On the following morning, after taking a bath and washing your face, do not forget to apply your moisturizer.

4. Potatoes.
  • Grate the potato and remove the juice from it.
  • The starch in potatoes and their antioxidant properties will provide you with the ability to lighten your skin tone. 
  • Apply the juice for 10-15 minutes under the eyes.
  • Wash your eyes and apply a gentle moisturizer afterward.

Which moisturizer is the most effective and gentle?
  • Aloe vera gel is an excellent and gentle moisturizer that moisturizes and soothes your skin. Prevents premature aging as well.

5. The Inknut
  • One ingredient is all that is required for the highly effective home remedy to work, this ingredient works like a magic...

Take one stone pata board, put a few drops of water on it, then take one inknut and rub it on the board. After a few seconds the paste will begin to form. Apply this paste to the eyes using your ring finger. 

It will become dry and hard in 15 to 20 minutes, then you can simply wash it off. Apply this paste before going to sleep every night. For a noticeable difference, use this remedy for at least seven days.

The remedy has no side effects, so you can try it for yourself. The remedy can be used at any time of the day, but it's best to use it before you go to sleep.

This remedy is highly effective and will not disappoint you..

What are some other names for inknut?
  • Inkut is also known as
  • In Hindi: harra
  • The Tamil word for this is kaddukai
  • In Telugu: karrakai
  • In punjabi: harad
  • Marathi: haritaki These are the other names for inknut.
I have listed all the home remedies that you can use for yourself.

  • As a personal recommendation, I would recommend using inknut to alleviate dark circles.

Final Words On "Dark Circles: Causes & Treatment with Home Remedies"

In this article, we discussed dark circles, treatment, solutions, and a comprehensive guide.

In the market, there are many creams, products, and gadgets that claim to remove dark circles; however, these products can be fraudulent, and they may trap you. 

Don't fall for such tricks, but rather seek medical attention or try home remedies instead.

Ensure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat nutritious food, and focus on the solutions mentioned in this article so that you can get rid of your dark circles and obtain the best results. 

Hopefully, this article will be useful to you, so please let me know your thoughts in the comments section if you found the article useful.

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